Aero Sports Camp – Bengaluru, Jakkur (Summer Camp 2024)

Dancing with the breeze, chasing sunsets from a whole new perspective


LOCATION: Jakkur Aerodrome, Bengaluru

DAYS: 5 Days per batch


  • Batch 1 (16/04/2024 to 20/04/2024) (10-15 Years)
  • Batch 2 (23/04/2024 to 27/04/2024) (10-15 Years)
  • Batch 3 (29/04/2024 to 03/05/2024) (10-15 Years)
SLOTS: Only 30 Seats per batch.
PRICE: Rs. 10,000/- (Per camp, Per Participant)
  • Parasailing
  • Paramotor Flying
  • HAL Museum guided tour
  • Aircraft Workshop
  • Info on ATC and Runway
  • Team building and fun games activities
  • High rope activities
  • Rappelling and Zipline
  • Tent pitching class 
MANAGER: Rajendra Hasabavi (Call & WhatsApp 9448038220)
TECHNICAL CONTACT: WhatsApp at 7676966567


  1. It is essential to check the respective ages for each camp. Any violation or false answer on a participant’s age may lead to application rejection even after payment has been made.
  2. Cancellations with refund of Fees are permitted up to one week before the Camp Start Date. Cancellations closer to Camp Start Date and “No Show” for any reason whatsoever are Not eligible for any refund. Refunds may take upto 60 days to be credited to Bank Account.
  3. The use of alcohol, cigarettes, or abusive substance during the camp will result in immediate termination, and the participant will be sent home.
  4. If fake or hoax payment slips are uploaded, the participant may be terminated immediately and legal action will be taken.


bATCH -1
16/04/2024 to 20/04/2024

The age criteria is 10 to 15 Years Only
(30 Seats Only for this batch)

BATCH -2 23/04/2024 To 27/04/2024

The age criteria is 10 to 15 Years Only
(30 Seats Only for this batch)

BATCH -3 29/04/2024 To 03/05/2024

The age criteria is 10 to 15 Years Only
(30 Seats Only for this batch)


Queries Relating the Summer camp 2024

You are supposed to click the desired date matching with the age limit of the participant and click on bookings in the above section.

Once you click on the Booking Slots, you will be redirected to a Google form where you are supposed to fill in the required details and make the submission.

The Payment option will come at the last section in the Google Form. You will be provided with the Banking Details. As we do not use UPI you are required to make the payments through Net Banking and upload the Payment slip with Transaction/UTR Number below.

Respective camps are provided with numbers on the last part of Camp Details. The Managers will contact you a week before passing the suitable instructions to attend the camp. A WhatsApp group will be made for all participants to keep them updated.